Eggs are a rich natural source of proteins with diverse properties and functionality. Bioseutica is expert in the extraction and purification of egg proteins which form  the Egg Proteins division. Our egg proteins are extracted from from natural, renewable sources of hen egg-white suitable for human consumption and, are manufactured without the use of GMO or recombinant technologies. Our products are generally offered in food and pharmaceutical grades, however, our versatile production technology and extensive GMP capabilities allow us to meet a full range of customer-specific quality requirements. The eggs and the flocks are closely monitored by veterinary authorities in each respective country, ensuring the safety and quality of our raw materials. The sourcing of our European egg white made from hen eggs is in full compliance with the EU directives 178/2002, 852/2004 and 853/2004 concerning the production of foodstuffs. For each egg-derived proteins batch we guarantee complete traceability which drives back to the laying farm of the eggs used and the laying date. Through extensive quality control testing of our raw materials and tightly controlled manufacturing at our GMP certified plants, we ensure the use of quality raw materials and that our products conform to the highest level of purity, activity and quality.

  • Egg derived proteins


Bioseutica AVIDIN™

Avidin is a protein present in hen egg white and tissues of birds. In hens, it is synthesized in the oviduct and then deposited in the albumin where it protects chicken embryos from disease-causing organisms that require biotin (vitamin H) to grow.

Bioseutica OVALBUMIN™

OVALBUMIN is the predominant protein in egg white comprising approximately 54% of the total protein. It is one of only two pure proteins that can adequately meet nutritional requirements for amino acids.


OVOTRANSFERRIN, (Conalbumin), is a glycoprotein with a molecular weight of 76 KDa. Ovotransferrin comprises approximately 13% of the protein content of egg albumen making the iron in a bacterial culture medium nutritionally unavailable to potentially harmful micro-organisms.