Sales & Marketing

Bioseutica’s marketing architecture ensures the development and market introduction of products that satisfy industry and consumer needs for quality, consistency and integrity.

The Sales & Marketing team works closely with Bioseutica’s customers, distributors and industry experts to provide innovative solutions and products that meet customer and global market expectations. 

Bioseutica’s products are marketed and distributed worldwide, directly to customers or through a network of highly reputable distributors for each industry we serve. Bioseutica’s customer service teams are dedicated to serving our customers by providing technical, scientific and marketing support consistently and reliably. The customer service teams partner with customers to find the appropriate custom-designed solutions at any point in an organization’s development, manufacturing or distribution process. In cheese making, for example, we offer complete customer service for the Artisanal and Specialty cheese maker, with testing of milk for Clostridia tyrobutyricum at our laboratories in North America and Europe.

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