Natural Sources

Bioseutica® draws on almost forty years of expertise in bioseparation and protein fractionation, building its international reputation on quality and service.

The Natural Proteins Division is the leading global producer of egg-derived proteins and trypsin, a natural pancreatic enzyme. Egg-derived proteins have a variety of uses in the pharmaceutical and nutritional markets.

The Division’s manufacturing facilities, research and development, laboratories, and sales and administrative offices are located in Europe (Fordras) and Canada (Neova Technologies TM). Bioseutica has standardized systems of Quality Control and Assurance, Best Manufacturing Practices and the appropriate regulatory controls and documentation in both locations; thus, providing customers with quality, safety, and regulatory compliance.

Bioseutica has developed proprietary manufacturing capabilities for the extraction and purification of natural proteins from hen egg white (HEW) used as active pharmaceutical and food ingredients. Bioseutica has nine production facilities, five of which operate under GMP guidelines, based in Europe and the Americas producing industrial quantities of natural ingredients including lysozyme and avidin and pancreatic enzymes such as trypsin and chymotrypsin. Bioseutica is the world’s leading producer of lysozyme. Bioseutica is a pioneer company in developing pharmaceutical API, applications for food safety and animal nutrition and owns a relevant number of certificates attesting the Company's commitment to the highest quality standards.

The original production method of lysozyme was developed by Dr. Rodolfo Ferrari and his team of researchers at SPA-(Società Prodotti Antibiotici; Milan, Italy) in the late fifties. Several international patents were granted between 1966 and 1967.

This technology the extraction process to take place without the use of solvents and toxic substances.

Moreover, lysozyme is extracted without destroying its original source, the egg white, which at the end of the process is returned to the egg-processors for further use.

  • Highly purified products with activity in excess of 95%.
  • Proven traceability systems. 
  • Reliable and consistent QA and QC systems and procedures. 
  • Refining plants are cGMP, HACCP or  ISO certified. 
  • The only process validated capable of inactivating the avian influenza virus (Texcell-Pasteur Institute)