Bioseutica®’ anti-tryptic solution

OVOMUCOID is an egg white protein with significant anti-tryptic activity. Comprising approximately 11% of the egg white, it naturally functions to protect the developing embryo by preventing bacterial growth through the inhibition of bacterial proteases.

Advantages & benefits

As one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers worldwide of OVOMUCOID and other egg-derived components, Bioseutica® has isolated a highly purified trypsin inhibitor OVOMUCOID with very low non-specific binding properties that are consistently chosen over other competitive products. All extraction and refining are done under cGMP guidelines for active pharmaceutical ingredients (API).

A key benefit associated with using Bioseutica®’s OVOMUCOID lies in the full range of services, including both technical and applications support that Bioseutica® provides. Bioseutica® works with its customers to meet their unique product specifications.

Bioseutica® has developed unique quality control procedures to ensure high quality is consistent from one production run to the next. Customers are encouraged to review and compare analytical results and to request pre-shipment samples for approval.


OVOMUCOID functions effectively as a trypsin inhibitor. Applications include cell harvesting and tissue dissociation, as well as those in food and protein science. As opposed to other trypsin inhibitors such as fetal calf serum, which is invasively extracted, OVOMUCOID is obtained from hen egg white using conventional purification methods that retain OVOMUCOID natural and potent anti-tryptic activity.

Protein Purification

OVOMUCOID is used to prevent protein degradation during isolation and purification. additionally, is a natural inhibitor of trypsin, purified OVOMUCOID’s can be used as a ligand in affinity purification of TRYPSIN following immobilization onto a suitable matrix.

Food Ingredient

OVOMUCOID can be added to prevent over-hydrolysis after the addition of trypsin during food processing. The advantage of using an egg-derived trypsin inhibitor in foods is the elimination of the risk of disease associate with bovine-derived proteins. This is because OVOMUCOID originates from a safer starting material and is processed to a pure form under more sanitary conditions.

Cell Culture & Tissue Dissociation

OVOMUCOID is an excellent replacement for serum trypsin inhibitor, which is used in tissue culture and cell harvesting. By inhibiting trypsin after cell dissociation, it prevents cell damage and death.

No Warranty: The information contained herein is provided in good faith and, to the best of our knowledge, is true and correct. However, no warranty or guarantee is implied or inferred and the information may be subject to change without further notice. Bioseutica®’s products are sold with the understanding that the purchaser will conduct tests to determine the suitability of these products for their particular use.

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